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We are one of the best commercial vehicle inspection stations in Long island NY.

Due to the recent advances in truck buying and selling over the internet, we at AOTNY have expanded our vehicle inspection programs to offer buyers, sellers and others special nationwide inspection services. Our Commercial Vehicle inspectors have inspected more than 18,000 commercial vehicle inspections over an eighteen-year period allowing our clients to make buying, selling and fleet management decisions with confidence.

Our inspections are the best way to minimize risk by having an organized and objective inspection avoiding unpleasant surprises or problems later.

A professional inspection is an examination of the current condition of the vehicle. It is not a compliance with State or Federal regulations. We do not pass or fail a vehicle. We simply describe in detail its mechanical condition. When we find deficiencies, you may still buy or sell the vehicle only that you are aware in advance of repairs needed or problems to anticipate. We will be Able to Perform Roadside Diesel Emissions Inspection Opacity is a measure of the amount of light that cannot pass through a substance, such as the amount of light obstructed as it passes through the exhaust. It is expressed as a percentage.

We inspect vehicles from bumper to bumper, top to bottom, inside and outside on all components and systems. We review our findings and provide a complete report so intelligent decisions can be made. We will prioritize repairs on components needing immediate attention from those which may be postponed.

AOTNY will conduct inspections on all types of vehicles as follows:

  • A. Level 1 - 25 point inspection of vehicle to determine specifications and general mechanical condition.
  • B. Level II - 175 point inspection covering all systems and major components. Road tests and oil sampling will be available for both Level I and II on special request.

Vehicles are inspected by experts with mechanical background and particular knowledge of the vehicle / equipment to be inspected. Vehicle appraised values are available as requested on inspected vehicles.